Innovative safety gadget saving cyclists lives

The high rate of cycling fatalities in Australia has sparked the creation of a new invention aimed to improve the safety of cyclists on roads.

The ‘arm-mounted rear vision mirror’ that allows the rider to look forward and see behind their bike for oncoming traffic and hazards has been introduced by Gold Coast company Rear Viz, in an attempt to reduce the stigma between cyclists and drivers in Australia.

The company’s CEO, Lee Crane says the gadget is a big step for the cycling community.


“As soon as riders turn their heads to check for oncoming traffic and hazards, they take their eyes off the road. The RearViz allows cycling commuters to look forward and see behind without affecting their vision,” she said.

“We really are trying to make a difference and lower the high rate of deaths on our roads.”

In Australia, from 2013-2014, 95 cyclists died on the roads with around 85 per cent of the crashes involving another vehicle.