Inquiry recommends Sydney’s lockout laws be axed

A report into Sydney’s lock out laws has recommended the laws be axed as soon as possible.

A NSW Parliamentary Committee has been looking into the 2014 laws, which are said to have cost the state around $16 billion a year.

The report made 40 recommendations, the major one to axe the 1.30am lockout laws and 3.00am last drinks laws everywhere except Kings Cross.


The committee chairman Natalie Ward says they found Kings Cross hasn’t changed enough to warrant the removal.

“The evidence that we received is that the CBD has a different proposition to Kings Cross.

“Kings Cross is more dense, it has more licences in the area, than the CBD.

“It’s a denser area, and we believe the CBD has – with the oncoming Light Rail – that spine of transport that will take people through the whole area from Circular Quay right through to Central and out to Randwick.

“It’s a more diverse offering already, it’s less residential, and there’s the capacity there for people to disperse easily.

“Kings Cross still doesn’t have that diversity, it still doesn’t have those transport options.

Though the committee has recommended the Kings Cross area undergoes a review in a year’s time.

“What we’ve done, we’ve laud a pathway forward, with a suggestion to have a review in 12 months.

“So what we’ve said that if Kings Cross, if given better streetscape and better lighting, if it diversifies its licenses, if it offers different approaches and works with residents, it can have a way forward,” Ms Ward said.

Another recommendation is that venues be rewarded for self-reporting bad behaviour.