Inquisitive pooch rescued after being swept out to sea on Gold Coast

An inquisitive pooch who followed a kite surfer into the water at Tallebudgera Creek has been rescued after being swept 100m out to sea.

Queensland Surf Lifesaving said Oats escaped from his yard on Wednesday and “thought a trip to the beach was in order.”

“After chasing a kite surfer into the water, Oats was swept out of Tallebudgera Creek,” QSLS said in a post on Facebook.


Luckily, a patrolling lifeguard came across the furry canine, who jumped up onto his jetski.

“Things turned interesting for lifeguard Jack, who says: I was just cruising through, and definitely didn’t expect a dog to end up on my jet ski!”

Queensland Surf Lifesaving said Oats was collected by his owner and is now at home safe and sound.

“We hope he has a speedy recovery… and that this experience makes him paws for thought next time,” they wrote.