Inside the mind of a mother

So, now we know. The beautiful toddler who was found in Darebin Creek on Sunday was not killed by a stranger.

Instead, tragically, her 22-year-old mother has now been charged with her murder.

As soon as this horrific story broke, I hate to admit, my first thought was: the mother did it. If not, she’s covering for someone else.


She claimed that a drunk, barefoot stranger pushed her over, then turned to the pram, unbuckled her daughter Sanaya and rushed away with the child in his arms.

I have toddlers; I know how impossible it is to unbuckle them under ordinary circumstances. I’m not being trite, but those buckles are intense! A drunk person has no chance.

Her claims rang disturbing alarm bells. Still, when the news broke of her arrest, it was devastating.

Now that she’s been charged, media attention will turn to how, how, how?

It’s impossible to get inside the head of a mother; this thought keeps swirling through my mind. I can’t understand how this has happened, though I’m sure light will be shed as the story evolves.

While I contemplate how this precious girl’s mother is allegedly responsible for ending her child’s life, I’ve also been thinking about another mother here on the Gold Coast.

I learnt about this mum, Kirrily, through a friend this week. Kirrily’s 13-year-old son Blake was climbing a rock wall at Varsity Lakes at a family fun day just before Christmas last year, when he suddenly collapsed and almost died.

My friend, a nurse, was there, and along with three other nurses, quickly began CPR on Blake. His heart had gone from a normal beat, to 360 beats per minute, and he was without a pulse for 10 minutes.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending: Blake survived. He now has a brain injury (the extent of which is still unknown) and he and his family have a rough road of rehabilitation ahead.

But while we’re thinking about mothers this week, and wondering what could possibly drive one woman to do something so heinous, let’s also think about the top-shelf mums. The ones who would go to ends of the earth to protect and support their kids. Mum’s like Kirrily.

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