INSTA SCAM: Users of Instagram warned of dangerous new scam

Instagram users are being warned of a dangerous new scam lurking on the popular social media app.

The scam, which is dubbed the “Ugly List”, has been doing the rounds in recent weeks, with users being tricked into giving away their personal information.

According to NSW Police, who issued a warning on their official social media pages today, “the victims get a notification from Instagram saying they’ve been tagged by a friend in a post called The Ugly List 2016.”


“Inside the notification is a link, which supposedly takes you to the Ugly List post. The link is actually a phishing scam.”

“If you click on the malicious link, it takes you to a page that looks like the Instagram login. You have to enter your username and password before you are able to see the Ugly List.”

“DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK in the notification, the login page is a fake”

If people do fall for the scam, they’re giving hackers the opportunity to gain access to their devices and personal information.

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