Instagram back up and running after near hour-long outage

UPDATE at 6:15 PM | INSTAGRAM is back up and running following a near hour-long global outage.

The popular photo-sharing social media site came back online just after 6pm AEST.

It comes after an outage left users unable to access their photos or profiles for almost an hour.


FIRST at 5:55 PM | INSTAGRAM has reportedly stopped working worldwide, leaving its more than one billion users unable to access their photos or profiles.

The outage was reported just after 5:15pm AEST and is affecting both the website and social media app.

Mobile phone users are being greeted with a message that the app “cannot refresh feed”, while those trying to access the website are being served a “5xx Server Error”.

Website-outage tracker registered a spike in complaints just after 5pm AEST.


Roughly half of the reports were related to the News Feed not working properly, while an additional 30 percent were related to log-in issues.

Instagram is yet to comment on the outage which is being experienced right across the globe, including in Australia, Japan, China, the USA, United Kingdom, and France.


Other social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, have lit up with comments from annoyed Instagram users venting their frustration after being unable to access their profiles.

The popular photo-sharing platform was still down at 6:00pm AEST.

No further information was available at the time of writing.