International students to continue boosting ‘regional’ Gold Coast

The Gold Coast will now be able to receive thousands more international students, after a phenomenal federal government turnaround.

When it comes to international student visas and how many we could accept here, we were about to be classed as a ‘major city’, which means international students would not have been able to study here.

However other larger cities around the country, including Adelaide and Canberra, we set to remain regional.


Mayor Tom Tate first got wind of the plans months ago, and recognised the detrimental impact this would have on our universities and the broader economy.

So after intense lobbying, the federal government has back-flipped on its classification plans, and chosen to instead class us as ‘regional’.

Mayor Tate says the decision is a huge win for the Gold Coast.

“A number of months ago I heard that the federal Government was classifying the Gold Coast the same as a capital city when it came to international student visas.

“This would have been crippling to our three local unis in their chase for this fantastic export sector of international education.

“The amazing inconsistency was the fact that Adelaide, Hobart and even CANBERRA were being considered “regional’ and therefore subject to the extra allocations where we on the Gold Coast were considered ‘capital city’ like and would get a lot less.

“I got onto our some of our local federal MPs, especially Stu Robert, Angie Bell and Karen Andrews and as reported today in the GCB it’s been fixed!

“Stu led the charged supported by Angie and Karen and they got it done for the Goldie.

“Stu was especially driven on the matter even getting his old CANBERRA flatmate and now PM Scomo involved with the federal education minister to overturn the bureaucratic nonsense of the Gold Coast being considered a Capital City,” Mayor Tate wrote in a Facebook post this morning.

The Gold Coast will now be able to receive 25,000 international students under the new classification, which is predicted to significantly grow the Gold Coast over the coming years.