Internet in frenzy over petition to rebrand ‘Golden Gaytime’

The internet is blowing up over the latest calls for rebranding an Aussie classic, and this time, it’s for the Golden Gaytime.

Following a year of rebranding certain products around the country over racial connotations (see Red Rippers, Cheer Cheese and Cheekies).

Now, a man called Brian Mc has launched an online petition calling for the rebranding of the ‘Golden Gaytime’, saying that it is ‘outdated’, and the word ‘Gay’ needs to go.


“In 2021, Gay’s meaning primarily is related to sexuality. As a Gay man I have needed to fight to be myself, overcoming many things in my life, I am a proud Gay man,” the petition description reads.

“As a part of the LGBTQIA+ community I believe my sexual identity is owned by me, not a brand and that the outdated meaning no longer applies. Isn’t it time for this double entendre to end?”

‘Golden Gaytime’ was first released in 1959 by Streets Australia, and has more recently expanded its brand with new flavours and collaborations with other brands.

Brian’s petition goes on to say that it’s not his place to tell Streets what to name the Golden Gaytime.

“I do feel it’s time that the Golden Gaytime is called out for being outdated, especially when Streets is releasing new products and cross-promotions in 2021.

“Streets in their response to my questions said “The origin of the ‘Gaytime’ name was related to having a joyous or happy time”.

“My suggestion would be if Golden Gaytime is meant to relate to having a joyous or happy time, then the product should be called that and its time to remove Gay from its name,” it reads.

“I’ve always said, this story isn’t about myself, I’ve read some comments online in response to my call to change the Golden Gaytime name. Some have even personally attacked me for speaking up,

“I’ve been called a Snowflakes, bonkers, ridiculous, a troll and worst all for saying that Golden Gaytime is an outdated brand in 2021.

“I stand by my comments, I still believe Golden Gaytime is outdated and needs to rebrand, just like many other historical brands have needed to do.”

At the time of writing, the petition has received 1,135 signatures online.

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He is a wanker

Couldn’t agree more

Stop this nonsense now!!!

I’m talking to you Mr Brian Mc.

Oh yes, this is all about him. Make gay happy again!

Bloody tosser…
Maybe they should change the name to ‘GOLDEN LGBTtime’

Brian MC is a massivec*** head

i couldnt agree more

maybe we need to also look at the meaning of “GOLDEN”

seriously WTF I’m all for people having their say but this is cancel culture

are we going to ban the nursery rhyme “Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree”
Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
Gay your life must be!

Golden Gaytime was using that word in a completely different context before you were probably even a twinkle in your fathers eye let alone thinking about coming out. It is a historical brand name. Not something you just go change because you were born years later into a society that deems it ok to be offended by everything. I’m offended by your sheer ignorance but am I asking to change your existence on this earth???Actually I’m not. Grow the @&:k up. It’s a brand name – not a personal attack on you.

If ‘Gay’ people are offended they should stop and reflect, it is them who stole/borrowed/assumed the word Gay as an adjective for their s**uality.. The Golden Gaytime was iconic long before a ‘Gay’ became ironic..

This is an absurd idea. The man is doing palpable damage to the reputation of the LGBTQIA+ community. So are the people signing it. The posts of all the gay people I read on reddit etc were firmy against changing the name. The intended meaning of “gaytime” is the polar opposite of derogatory.

As someone who has supported people that I know who are in same s** relationships or part of the LGBT community, including my oldest daughter I think that this is ridiculous and so do those friends.
The LGBT community has had a hard long fight and struggle to get the recognition and the rights that they they now have. After all of this we now have someone who wants to take all of that hard work and turn it into a joke by starting this petition.
Why not take up a better cause and get a petitioned signed to have stronger laws put in place for Pedophiles or to get more support to reduce domestic violence which is an issue in all parts of the community. Not asking an ice-cream company to change the name of an ice cream because it has a name that had a different meaning to what he is applying to it now.
I am all for causes and people fighting for change but not over a bloody ice-cream