Interpol alert issued for Gold Coast conman

INTERNATIONAL authorities are on the lookout for Australian fugitive Peter Foster who is now listed as wanted by Interpol.

Peter Clarence Foster, 51, has been listed under a ‘red notice’ after failing to appear at a Federal Court hearing in Brisbane in December last year.

The Interpol website says the Gold Coast conman is facing a contempt of court charge and is “wanted by the judicial authorities of Australia for prosecution / to serve a sentence.”


Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to contact their national or local police.

If Foster is spotted overseas, the Interpol listing means international authorities will now know to alert the Australian Government who will then seek his arrest and extradition back to Australia.

Foster failed to appear for sentencing in October 2013 over his part in the sale of a fake oral weight loss spray ‘SensaSlim’.

During his absence, he was sentenced to three year’s in prison.