Interstate Schoolies kick off celebrations on the Gold Coast

It has been a relatively quiet start to celebrations on the Gold Coast for interstate Schoolies with only a handful of arrests.

School leavers from New South Wales and Victoria descended on the Glitter Strip on Saturday as Queensland kids headed home with sore heads after a week of partying.

18 people were arrested in the party precinct overnight but only six of those were Schoolies.


Police laid 22 charges all up, mostly for drug possession and public nuisance.

But one person was charged with stealing.

Police will be maintaining a strong presence in Surfers Paradise for the next couple of weeks however their focus will change.

With the majority of interstate school leavers over the age of 18, officers will be keeping a much closer eye on pubs and clubs.

“We actually walk through premises, we talk to licensed premises, we talk to business owners, we actually talk to people and make sure they’re having fun,” Chief Superintendent Craig Hanlon said.

Queensland school leavers were praised for their behaviour with just 42 arrests across their week of celebrations, down 50 per cent on last year.