Investigations underway after video posted of night-clubbers dancing

Investigations are underway after videos of nightclubbers dancing surfaced in Brisbane over the weekend.

It comes after stage three of restrictions were eased at midday Friday, with venues like pubs, cafes and indeed nightclubs allowed to welcome back more people.

But the Premier and health authorities were very clear that there was to be no dancing.


After the first weekend, videos of crowds dancing shoulder to shoulder have surfaced online, with concerns nightclubs have broken the new laws just days after they came into effect.

Channel Nine reports that police are already working with the office of liquor and gaming to investigate the matter.

It’s understood at least two venues in the Fortitude Valley area are being investigated.

The venues themselves could face massive fines if they’re found to have broken the rules, while patrons could also face fines if they’re identified.

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Bloody idiots. Close down the venues again, which are not observing the rules.

Not just the nightclubs. try the bar with loads of guys in their 30’s dancing and hugging in full view of the street in Broadbeach on Friday night. Looks like social distancing is nothing more than a distant memory. They probably thought that in Spain where 200,000 people have just gone into lock down again today. When will people wake up and realise this is a world plague and living in Australia does not make you immune.

So why are the people allowed to take over our streets in black lives matter marches like what just happened on the weekend ..what is the difference between that and dancing???PLEASE EXPLAIN

No need to shout. The marches were part of a worldwide political statement and the australian government could not be seen to ban them for fear of being seen as a racist country again. Remember we once had a White Australia Policy that forbid people of non-European ethnic origin, especially Asians and Pacific Islanders from immigrating to Australia, That and similar policies were only dismantled between 1949 and 1973. As for dancing,in pubs and clubs. These are confined spaces where alcohol runs freely and people often become dis-inhibited. So unless you are doing a slow foxtrot, before long you are hot, arms flailing about, breathing heavily, and those tiny molecules of sweat coming off your body are flying around, straight into the mouths of others. Have you ever seen anyone dance with a closed mouth? And no one is ever going to obey social distancing on the dance floor. It’s just not possible. .

So people screaming out – Burn down Australia – no infections from their saliva spraying out over everyone – its all bull – it should be same rules for everyone – it seems the anarchists have their own rules and the govt accepts that – so what is really going on ……I guess Dan Andrews probably knows lol.