Investigations underway after woman allegedly assaulted by Uber driver

Investigations are underway after a young woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by an Uber driver in Brisbane early this morning.

According to police, the woman caught the ride-sharing service around 12.20pm with a group of friends, who were dropped off at a home in Alderley first.

“The driver of a blue 2015 Renault Captur then continued to a home in Gordon Park with the woman where the alleged assault took place,” a police spokesperson said in a statement.


Detectives are appealing for any witnesses who may have seen or heard anything related to this matter to contact their local police or call Policelink on 131444.

Investigations are continuing.


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Unfortunately another victim of a s**ual‎ assault by a Uber driver has come forward. The QLD Labor Government remains steadfastly resolute in not allowing the installation of CCTV into any Uber car .A female Queensland Labor Member is on record as saying “It is illogical that all forms of Transport for Passengers have security cameras, trains, busses, taxis” but Uber has not. Why not? The logic is that it is not a good use of money. Is this correct.? There would be a significant Government incentive to remove CCTV from all forms of public transport. This money could then be put to better use by giving all our State politicians a well-deserved pay rise