IOC locks in Queensland as favourite to host 2032 Olympics

It’s official! Queensland is now the front runner in the race to host the 2032 Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee voted unanimously overnight, to rubber-stamp us as the ‘preferred candidate’.

It doesn’t mean we have the event in the bag, but it does mean we now enter exclusive negotiations to secure it.


We’ve beat out other countries that were keen to host the event, including Qatar, Hungary, Indonesia and India.

It would see major sporting events staged all across southeast Queensland, including here on the Gold Coast.

IOC President Thomas Bach made the announcement at around 2.00 am our time.

“The executive board has unanimously, after a very intensive discussion, approved this recommendation,” he said.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk tweeted the news this morning.

“The 2032 Queensland Olympics would support our economic recovery by stimulating investment and creating thousands of jobs for our state.

“We haven’t crossed the finish line yet – we’ve just moved a little further ahead in the race,” her tweet reads.

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interesting, as the commonwealth games didn’t produce the economic windfalls predicted so I reckon the Olympics will be a bigger cost to the taxpayer.It just means they will all be travelling around the world for the next 4 years meeting the IOC and viewing all the other countries, another taxpayer funded round of jollies, sorry to be so cynical but the Olympic Games used to be for amateur athletes now its fully paid professionals with a media circus in attendance

QLD is already broke!
Where are the billions going to come from to pay for it?
Oh don’t worry about it for now still 11years away so by then Annie and her cronies will be long gone.
Just another rort for pollies to enjoy over the coming years at our expense.