“iPhone X” revealed in apparent leak

Details of the latest Apple devices including the new “iPhone X”, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus have been revealed in an apparent leak.

The BBC claims to have confirmed an anonymous source was behind the leak to the Apple-based publications code9to5Mac and Mac Rumours.

Along with details of the phones, there were reports two news sites were given access to an unreleased version of the new iOS operating system.


The leak comes ahead of a launch event scheduled at Apple’s headquarters on Tuesday.

The iPhone X is rumoured to be a high-end model which will feature facial recognition scanning and wireless charging.

The other two models of the iPhone and iPhone 8 are expected only be slight upgrades on the previous incarnation of the phone.

Other images leaked include photos of a new Apple Watch, AirPod headphones and Ainmoji, a series of animated emojis.