Ipswich mum’s plea to anti-vaxers after bub gets chicken pox

I made a stupid mistake over the weekend: I engaged in a Facebook conversation with a friend who had a different view to my own.

Big mistake. Huge. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman style. It’s not because anyone is left with any hurt feelings, but because it was a complete waste of time.

She’s anti-vax. I’m very pro-vax. We were never going to meet in the middle.


And while a little robust discussion online isn’t a big deal, in this instance, I should have known better than to waste an hour of interaction when I could have been watching House of Cards.

We both put our opinions forward in a reasonably polite manner…

Then she sent me a 2,000 word diatribe via Facebook messenger (citing medical journals, WHO statistics and other reputable sources) as to why the current vaccination schedule is flawed and unnecessary.

In response, I sent her this link.

Okay, I didn’t actually send her the link ­– and before you click on it, be warned that some of the images are upsetting. They include photos shared by an Ipswich family of their baby, covered in scabs, battling chicken pox.

But I wanted to send her this link – because this is the risk she’s willing to take by not vaccinating her kids.

He was too young to be immunised and this is what really bothers me about the anti-vax brigade. My friend went to great pains to explain to me, with sources, that ‘herd immunity’ is a big fat lie.

But what if it’s not?

Are you really willing to expose your kids to the possibility of suffering in pain for days or weeks or months (or even worse outcomes – some children don’t survive whooping cough) from an entirely preventable disease…

All because you’ve done the research and you think you know better than scientists and experienced, trained medical professionals?

Mum Kayley Burke, who is still in hospital with her little boy in Ipswich, sums it up best: “Bottom line [is] if you don’t vaccinate your kids you’re a bloody idiot… Think about the risk you are putting on other helpless kids that are too young or who actually can’t be vaccinated!”

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