Is this a giant backwards step?

Look, I know that Fifty Shades of Grey has been at the cinema a couple of weeks already, and it’s kind of become old news.

But I feel like I have to add my two bobs’ worth when it comes to the movie version of the best-selling ‘romance’ novel ­– particularly in the wake of this disturbing news.

Fifty Shades follows the story of Ana, and her relationship with Christian, a big shot billionaire businessman who’s into whips and blindfolds.


Ana begins to explore the world of sexual bondage and sadism/masochism with Christian as her guide. Basically, from what I understand (full disclosure – I haven’t actually seen the flick), it’s just two hours of soft-core pornography with a storyline equivalent to, “Hello Ma’am, I’m a sexy plumber and I’m here to fix your sink”.

Watching pornography, soft-core or otherwise, is a private, adult affair. Maybe that’s just me – I’m traditional when it comes to these sorts of things!

But that’s kind of besides the point.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with bondage or S&M, as long as both people are into it, and there’s nothing all that bothersome about a film about S&M.

But Fifty Shades is rated MA 15+, which means kids as young as 15 are watching this movie. Call me a prude, but if my daughter were a teenager I wouldn’t want her to see it.

Not because I don’t think she’s old enough to know about sex – but because she DOES need to know.

And I don’t want her to think that being tied up and hit with a belt is normal, or something she should be expected to try because all the cool kids are doing it.

I want her to grow up to become confident and independent, not thinking that it’s okay for a man to be dominant over a woman (sexually or otherwise). We’ve come a long way towards empowering women in society, but this kind of content going so mainstream feels like a giant backwards step.

The film, in my view, goes a little over the head of a teenager – as evidenced by the 19-year-old who has been charged with raping a college student. He claimed that when he tied her up and raped her, it was consensual and they were acting out scenes from the film.

And that’s the problem. Teenagers are incredibly impressionable, and I’m worried that they’re impressed with Fifty Shades of Grey.

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