Is this car safety ad too “gory”? Facebook thinks so

FACEBOOK again has Australians up in arms, after refusing to allow another advertisement on its platform.

Just a day after it was revealed this Breast Cancer campaign was deemed “in violation of its partial nudity policy”, Facebook has labelled a car safety campaign too ‘gory’.

The commercial by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is part of its “Safer Vehicles Save Lives” campaign and features two crash test dummies in a head-on collision.


The ad begins showing the ‘dummies’ as real people. They start their day with their loved ones before getting in their car and being transported to the crash test facility.

They are both shown behind the wheels of their cars – one a 1998 model, the other a 2015 model – before being sent on a collision course.

We’re shown inside the vehicles at the moment of impact, but the people have been replaced by the dummies.

Viewers are then urged to “find out who survives”, by going to their website to compare your own vehicle.

The ad went up on the ANCAP Facebook page in July 2018, but it’s now been revealed the social media giant has removed it.

“We don’t allow ads that feature scary, gory or sensational content like vehicle collisions and accidents,” Facebook said in a statement.

ANCAP has posed the question: “How do we get road safety messages out there if they are too ‘shocking’?”

It comes after the social network copped worldwide condemnation after taking too long to remove the live stream of the Christchurch terror attack.