Is this the future of supermarket fruit and veg aisles?

Wish you didn’t have to spend time chopping up veggies before cooking dinner? Soon you may not have to!

A New Zealand supermarket chain called New World has made headlines around the world after they introduced a fruit and vegetable pic ‘n’ mix section into two stores.

PHOTO: Ari Eats / Facebook

PHOTO: Ari Eats / Facebook


Across the Tasman, shoppers can now purchase an array of pre-cut, fresh vegetables for $NZ9.99/kg ($AU13.90/kg).

There are calls for Australian supermarkets to follow suit, with only one in 20 Australians consuming enough vegetables per day according to the ABS.

Although Woolworths and Coles both offer quite a large pre-packaged fruit and vegetable range, the beauty of a pic ‘n’ mix is that you only take what you need for a meal, so it’s a lot less wasteful.

Would you use a fruit and vegetable pic ‘n’ mix? Or do you think it’s lazy?