Is this the unhealthiest pantry you’ve ever seen?

A mum’s pantry has gone viral this week, for all the wrong reasons.

She shared a picture of it on a closed Facebook group, called Budgeting, Food, Stockpiling, Savings Ideas, Life Help Australia, to brag about her perfectly organised food cupboard.

And organised it is – not a colourful box or packet is out of place.


However, the response her post generated was less about the neatness of the pantry, and more about the food content. Or more accurately, the lack thereof.

I’m usually not one to judge other people’s food and parenting choices; at the end of the day we’re all (usually) trying to do our best.

But this particular pantry screams of an insane lack of nutritional education. Because, honestly, it’s hard to find even one “food” item amongst the colourful boxes and packages…

There are sugary, colourful cereals, chips and crackers, store-made muffins (the kind with a 9-month expiry date), Krispy Kreme donuts and lollies. One whole shelf is dedicated to soft drink and chocolates, while another is loaded with snacks that have names like “oatmeal crème pies” and “donut sticks”.

I don’t recognise most of the brands; it looks like a decidedly American pantry.

What’s missing is a distinct lack of anything that even vaguely resembles real food!

There are no oats, flours, grains or baking goods. No spices, cooking oils or sauces. No tins of vegetables, tuna and fruit. No fresh fruits or vegetables (though I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here; maybe they store them somewhere else, like the fridge?)

Overall, I can see why the comments were so alarmed.

“It’s all rubbish food. Can you say diabetes, poor diet, poor body, poor gut health, poor mental health…” one commenter wrote.

“I’d starve before I ate anything on those shelves,” said another.

I tend to agree; it is stocked with more junk food than I would serve at a kid’s birthday party.

While I do feel for the anonymous mum who shared the pic, I hope it prompts her to reflect on her family’s diet… perhaps going viral might send them in a new, healthier direction?