Isle of Capri development to learn its fate today

An ‘army’ of Mum and Dads look like they may have had a major win over a planned commercial development opposite the Surfers Paradise State School on the Isle of Capri.

A report by Council Town Planning Officers has recommended the two-storey mixed business centre, which would’ve replaced a house, be scrapped after receiving over 400 objections from Isle of Capri residents.

Spokesman for the Save our Streets Alliance, Mr Michael Niddrie said the proposed building was not in harmony with the residential amenity of the island and posed a danger to students of the Surfers Paradise State School.


“The location of this proposed commercial activity is particularly distasteful because it is at the pedestrian crossing adjacent to the primary school,” said Mr Niddrie.

“The intersection of Via Roma, Salerno and Etna Streets is already a traffic black-spot with school drop-off and pick-ups and the extra traffic generated by any commercial activity would be untenable for school children and parents.”

Mr Niddrie said rejection of the application by the City Planning Committee will be a “win for commonsense which puts child safety above commercial interest,” he said.

The matter is due to be heard by the Council Planning Committee today.