Isle of Capri bridge moves swiftly into second stage

The Isle of Capri bridge has reached an important milestone today, with the first section now complete.

New lanes are now open to traffic as work quickly turns to demolishing the old bridge and building the next stage.

Eventually, there will be two lanes headed in and out of Surfers Paradise from Isle of Capri, delivering a much needed ‘congestion reprieve’ for locals and visitors alike.


Construction is on track to be fully completed next year.

In addition, a dedicated 4-metre wide path for pedestrians and cyclists will be on either side of the completed bridge.

Mayor Tom Tate is promising the final result will be worth it.

“Traffic will be smoother, the walkway will be safer, active travel will be better, and the upside – all the upside along the island here: value uplift!”

With up to 25,000 motorists expected to use this bridge each day by 2027, it will also draw a lot of pressure from the Chevron Island Bridge.

“As you’re coming along Bermuda and you want to go to Surfers, you can do a right-hand turn over Isle of Capri, back in the days you would have had to go over Chevron.

“So that will alleviate thousands of cars going through Chevron, and this is the best way to go,” Mr Tate said.

The new bridge also has a new clearance height of 4.5 metres above the highest astronomical tide, allowing larger vessels to pass underneath.

For more information about the project, click here.