Israel Folau launches a GoFundMe page for court costs

Rugby star Israel Folau has now launched a go-fund me page to raise money for court costs while he fights Rugby Australia.

Folau was sacked over controversial comments made on his social media account, which were of a homophobic nature.

Because the dual-code player stood by his comments, Rugby Australia terminated his contract in May.


The 30-year-old is now challenging the decision in the High Court of Australia.

He launched a GoFundMe page this week, hoping to raise $3 million for legal costs.

It’s understood he’s already spend $100,000 of his own money fighting the decision.

“I believe the termination of my contract is unlawful, which is why I have started legal proceedings against Rugby Australia and Rugby NSW,” his GoFundMe page reads.

Donations have begun flooding in this morning (June 21), with 13,421 donated by 191 people at the time of writing.

The campaign is already trending on the site as well.