Israel Folau teams up with Clive Palmer to play football on the Gold Coast

It seems that controversial footballer Israel Folau is attempting a comeback to the sport, and could soon be playing here on the Gold Coast.

He’s believed to have teamed up with local billionaire Clive Palmer to play for a local club.

They’ve lodged an application for Folau to play with the Southport Tigers, where Mr Palmer is a patron.


Folau was banned from the sport of Rugby Union, for his very vocal and controversial views on same-sex marriage.

He then looked to return to Rugby League this year, which also didn’t eventuate.

Clive Palmer has taken out massive newspaper ads in today’s pages, which read ‘Let Israel Folau play football’.

The pair are expected to confirm their plans to the media in a press conference this morning.

It’s understood the decision will ultimately fall to the QRL.

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Two morons….they deserve each other.

I guess Clive won’t care when young LGBTQ people suicide over the toxic hate speech coming out of that r****ed tattoo wearing ‘christian’ idiot. They should both be locked up and forgotten.