‘It wouldn’t let go’: Child attacked by giant goanna

A SMALL child has been rushed to a hospital on the Gold Coast after being attacked by a goanna.

The eight-year-old girl was walking through a campground on South Stradbroke Island when the large monitor lizard latched onto her leg just after 1pm.

It’s understood the goanna refused to let go of the child and started savagely tearing at her foot.


It took several people to pry open the animal’s mouth and pull it off the child.

Senior Operations Supervisor Jayney Shearman said the incident was “very concerning”.

“Most certainly … it was a very nasty and savage attack,” Ms Shearman said.

“At the time, it was quite difficult to get the goanna off the child and needed a couple of people involved to actually remove it from her foot.”

Ms Shearman said the little girl sustained a “nasty, deep laceration” to the top of her foot.

“She was very distressed by the incident,” Mr Shearman said.

The Volunteer Marine Rescue boat was used to ferry the injured child to the mainland where she and her family were met by an awaiting ambulance.

The little girl was then taken by ambulance to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

Local snake catcher Tony Harrison was called in to catch and relocate the large lace monitor from the popular campground following the attack. See the video below!

Snake catcher Tony Harrison pictured wrangling the goanna | (Source: Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher)