It’s a white male whale’s world

NOTICE how as soon as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson left the Gold Coast Migaloo ‘The White Whale’ appeared?

A coincidence? I think not.

Ever since he got his own Facebook page, Twitter account, Wikipedia entry and website, Migaloo has turned into a right bloody Kardashian.


It’s all about him and he is not going to go anywhere if he is not the centre of attention.

So as soon as he reached Byron Bay he started breaching and showing off, knowing his antics would immediately bring the paparazzi in the news helicopters.

In fact, he was having a, well, whale of a time.

You could say he was really krilling it.

And it worked.

The choppers zoomed up and down the Coast frantically searching for the white whale until they found him.

It was as if Brad and Ange had returned.

Dubbed the ‘superstar’ whale, if Migaloo did not lead the television news last night he was right up there.

It was a shore thing and it was not even a slow news day.

Of course, being a celebrity, the media was soon picking on Migaloo’s body, claiming he had let himself go with brown spots marring his once pure white magnificence.

Spluttering with excitement, some journalists soon came up with a dramatic new angle, suggesting the brown spots might be skin cancer.

Or it could just be poo.

Come on, anyone could have an accident.

There was a lot of disappointment when it became apparent that Migaloo would only cross the Queensland border under the cover of darkness.

But you can’t blame him.

Although he isn’t showing any, the mob of whales he is with are proudly displaying their colours and in Queensland that can only mean one thing – a gang.

No smart gang member is going to display his Underbelly on the Gold Coast where police arrest scooter riders if they travel in groups.

I’m thinking of starting some twisteria on Twitter by suggesting Migaloo would not be getting so much attention if he was a black whale.


Yeah, I could get myself in trouble with that one.
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