“No respect” Gold Coasters slammed for ignoring mask rules

Gold Coasters are being scolded, with reports many people across the city have been ignoring the State Government’s mask rules.

Masks are now mandatory for all residents across the South East, as Queensland desperately tries to stop the spread of COVID-19.

However, it appears some residents aren’t abiding by the rules.


“If you are out you must have your mask on,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on Wednesday.

“We have some reports on the Gold Coast that people aren’t wearing their masks… It is mandatory so please make sure that you are doing that. Unless of course, you are just exercising by yourself.

“But please, if you are going out to do anything, grocery shopping, get supplies, make sure you put your mask on.”

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has also issued a plea for Gold Coasters to don a mask, telling them to make “one positive choice to save the city’s 66,000 small businesses”.

“The vast majority of residents are doing the right thing but I am staggered to hear of people in coffee shops and at hardware stores without a mask,” the Mayor said.

“I know masks may feel uncomfortable for some and they may seem like an inconvenience to others. But think of the small businesses who have their entire livelihoods on the line.

“It’s about respect and manners.”

According to Queensland Health, people must carry and wear a face mask at all times outside the home, unless:

You are alone in your car or with the members of your household, you are eating or drinking, you are at your usual workplace and can physically distance from others (except if you work in a public-facing role in a hospitality venue) and you are alone outdoors or exercising alone outdoors with members of your household.

Anyone caught not wearing a mask faces a fine of $200.

No fines have been issued on the Gold Coast at this stage, however, police have confirmed 20 people have been spoken to by officers after being spotted without a mask.

The three-day lockdown remains in place for the Gold Coast, with residents only allowed to leave home for essential purposes.