It’s back on! Trump confirms summit with North Korea

The leader of the ‘Free World’ and the so-called ‘dictator’ of a rogue state are once again set to sit down for high-stakes talks.

The US President has confirmed, his June 12 chat with North Korean leaders will go ahead as originally planned, and sanctions have been suspended for now.

Donald Trump predicts the “unprecedented nuclear arms summit” with Kim Jong Un will be “very successful”.


“I think it’s probably going to be … ultimately a successful process,” Trump told reporters on the White House lawn after meeting with North Korea’s former intelligence chief in the Oval Office.

Washington will use the June 12 summit to press Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons arsenal.

“It’ll be a beginning. I don’t say, and I’ve never said, it happens in one meeting.”

“We’re getting along, so it’s not a question of maximum pressure. At some point, hopefully … for the good of millions of people, a deal will be worked out.”

The summit, which was cancelled last month over what Trump called “tremendous anger and open hostility”, will go ahead as scheduled in Singapore.