“It’s just not logical”: Mayor says Gold Coast exposure sites here don’t add up

The Gold Coast Mayor is pressuring the state government for more information on the Gold Coast exposure sites, after we go another day of no new local cases within our city.

Despite the whole region being lumped into the Brisbane lockdown, we’re yet to have cases diagnosed here.

The Mayor on Monday called on the state government to release us from the lockdown after the three initial days planned.


The very next day, one exposure site popped up on the Gold Coast, but with no explanation on who visited it or what their other movements may have been.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says we need to know exactly why our entire city is in lockdown over a couple of exposure sites.

“In nine years of chairing Disaster Management, the cooperation between all stakeholders and the flow of information is vital,” the Mayor said today.

“We’ve been through many disasters, the only differences here is that Queensland Health has got the data… and sharing the data is… I don’t get it.

“They really need to advise why its not (sharing the information). Once you know – then I can communicate and I get why you made the decision.

“But to say they’re exposure sites.. what does that even mean?” the Mayor asked.

The only contact site is a Thai Restaurant in Southport, which was listed on the Queensland Health website three days ago.

Then, there was a casual contact site at a nearby Ampol station.

But the Mayor says there’s been no information on what the actual risk here is.

“Analysing it further, what? Someone drove 140 kilometres turn-around to a Thai restaurant, then fuelled up and didn’t go anywhere else and went back home? And enjoy the restaurant, and maybe there was a Mc Donald’s on the way too? I don’t get it.

“My point here, is that it’s just not logical. It’s a good restaurant but not that good,” the Mayor said.

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