It’s official, the Gold Coast is boring

I GOT to the end of the news bulletin I was watching yesterday and felt like I’d just wasted thirty minutes of my life. It was boring.

I decided to scroll through the world news to hear some ‘real news’ and what I got was a sobering reality check:

On the GC, strong wind gusts up to 30 knots made the news.


But in Japan, a super storm with vicious typhoons had thousands of people evacuating their homes.

On the GC, a 14 and 17-year-old teens are facing court after evading police in a car chase through Southport on Saturday.

But in the USA, riots are breaking out after police shot and killed unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown in Missouri last week.

On the GC, locals are struggling with a flu epidemic that is keeping many of us home from work and inconveniencing us with kids out of daycare.

But in Liberia, the deadly Ebola virus continues to spread. In an extreme measure to contain the outbreak, military personnel have been given permission to shoot on site if people try to illegally cross the Sierra Leone border.

On the GC, preliminary NAPLAN results have been released and our schools are waiting with baited breaths to see how they faired.

But in Northern Iraq, up to 30,000 people are currently waiting to find out the fate of their life at the hands of Islamic Jihadists.

On the GC, we are mourning the mysterious high-rise balcony death of Warriena Tagpuno Wright.

But hundreds are falling to their untimely death as rockets continue to fire across the Gaza strip.

On the GC, we are watching with morbid fascination as Big Brother gets ready to return to our screens this September.

But over in England, Julian Asange is making headlines with imminent plans to leave his asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

The truth is, the Gold Coast is a cushy place to live.

As much as we like to complain and as much as we are entitled to our opinion on how to make our city a better place to live, a little dose of perspective is needed every now and then. We live in a literal and figurative paradise compared to the rest of the world.

Thank goodness for a slow news day I say. I’ll take boring any day.

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