“It’s started again” The photo Gold Coasters have been dreading

Sorry Gold Coasters, but it’s happening again.

A photo snapped by a local shopper in Ashmore yesterday suggests the panic buyers are back in action.

The image shows the toilet paper aisle at a Woolworths store on the Gold Coast looking extremely bare and low in stock.


It comes following fears Queensland may be on the verge of experiencing an outbreak of coronavirus, after two women tested positive after managing to sneak back into the state by allegedly lying on their border declaration passes following a trip to Melbourne.

The covid-cluster linked to the women remains at five, however there is concern others may be unknowingly infected with health authorities confirming this week remains crucial.

In Victoria, supermarkets have had to reinstate limits on the amount of toilet paper people can buy as the virus crisis there continues to spiral out of control.

However at this stage, no limits have been imposed in Queensland – yet.

PHOTO: Supplied to myGC by Jarad C Farrow

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has again slammed panic buyers flocking to supermarkets to stock up on loo paper.

“Stop it, it’s ridiculous,” the PM said following a national cabinet meeting last month when shoppers first started to panic-buy again.

“I’m sure it will pass as it did last time and there’s no need for it.”

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WW are concentrating on supplying VIC at the moment.
Their distribution center in VIC is in a hot spot so is relying on additional stocks from interstate.
If you don’t panic there will be plenty of stock.

Or people could do as I had to do in India for a month. A bucket of water and a cloth. LOL

These people who panic buy need to hop onto Gumtree to see if anyone has a brain to sell. What is it with toilet roll? If you run out you find another solution. How the hell did the world manage before toilet roll was invented? But these panic buyers are selfish and thoughtless. If I see any of it happening in my supermarket, I intend to speak out.

People need to think outside of the box. Try your local Hygenie Supplier or Cleaning Chemical supplier, most have more than enough stock and at better pricing than the supermarkets anyway. They probably have plenty of Sanitizer’s as well.