“It’s time we listened” to female’s concerns about safety

THE BOSS of an Australian charity has called for urgent action, after a survey of 30,000 young people found that almost half of female respondents feel unsafe in their communities after dark.

While one in five young females admitted they are concerned about personal safety, according to Mission Australia’s Gender Gaps – Findings from the Youth Survey 2018 report released today.

According to the Christian charity website, the data pinpoints stark differences between female and male responses, highlighting that more females than males were concerned about almost every topic in the survey.


46.6% of young females reported feeling unsafe or very unsafe in their communities when walking alone after dark, compared with 18.1% of males.

Young females were also more likely to report personal safety as a concern than their young male peers (21.6% compared with 14.3%).

Twice the proportion of young females also reported security/safety as a potential barrier to moving out of home in the future compared to young males (28.3% compared with 14.2%).

The data about young people aged between 15 and 19 comes from almost 30,000 responses to Mission Australia’s Youth Survey 2018.

CEO James Toomey said it’s time we listened to young female’s heightened concerns around personal safety and take urgent action to ensure all young people feel safe to move freely in their communities.

“The obvious lack of trust and concern about safety has a major impact on young female’s public engagement and participation, their access to spaces and services, as well as their ability to move freely in public places,” Mr Toomey said in a statement.

“It’s very concerning that young females feel unsafe in public places in Australia, both during the day and after dark, and consequently feel less connected to their communities than their male peers.”