Jack de Belin to return to footy this week, as charges officially dropped

Dragons star Jack de Belin is expected to make a come back to the NRL within weeks after sexual assault charges against him were officially dropped in court today.

Five charges of sexual assault against De Belin and his friend Callan Sinclair were officially withdrawn at a NSW District Court today.

The Dragons player has been out of the game for two years while he fought the charges, and will likely return to the New South Wales Cup this weekend.


He’s then expected to be rushed into the Dragon’s NRL side as soon as the following week.

At the official court proceedings today, Judge Dina Yehia slammed the fact that the news had been leaked to media 24 hours prior, calling it a ‘discourtesy to the court’.

“I will make some inquiries but I can tell you I’m not pleased with the way it was leaked to the press,” she added.

Crown prosecutor Craig Everson explained that 20 minutes after Mr de Belin’s lawyers were notified of the charges being withdrawn, the information had been leaked to The Daily Telegraph.

“That is not something that was communicated to the press by the director or the crown,” Mr Everson said.

“The timetable, as I understand it, is that a communication was made to the lawyer for the accused then Rothfield (a journalist) seemed to be on the story within 20 minutes.”

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