JACKPOT! Three lucky Aussies wake $36 million richer

Ahhh wouldn’t it be nice…

THREE Australians have woken up multi-millionaires after winning division one in last night’s record-breaking Powerball jackpot.

The three lucky Aussies from South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales each took home a whopping prize of $36,666,666.67.


Whilst one young man from Adelaide is aware of his life-changing win, the two other winners are completely oblivious they’re now multi-millionaires.

“Imagine going to bed a multi-millionaire and not knowing it? That is the reality for two Australian lottery players after they scored division one in Thursday’s Powerball draw!” The Lott’s Bronwyn Spencer said.

“The division one winning entry from Victoria is unregistered, which means we don’t have any way of contacting the winner to break the life-changing news and have to wait for them to come forward to claim their prize.

“While the New South Wales entry was purchased online, unfortunately we don’t have their complete contact details so we are unable to make a mind-blowing phone call to them.”

Anyone who purchased a ticket in NSW or VIC is being urged to check them immediately.

Meanwhile, the lucky winner from Adelaide is likely still celebrating this morning after receiving the phone call overnight.

He told officials from The Lott that he plans on sharing the money with family and donating to charity.

“I would love to take my family on a holiday!” he said. “I’m not sure where exactly I’ll be going but I think a round-the-world trip might be on the cards. In fact, we could even do it first class!

“I’ll also pay off my family’s mortgages and donate heaps to charity.”

As for whether he would be going into work today, he joked he was contemplating drafting his resignation letter immediately.

“I might quit my job,” he laughed.

“I don’t know, I’m still in shock! I just can’t wait to get off the phone so I can call my family and tell them the news. I don’t know if they’ll even believe me!”

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1209 drawn on Thursday were 6, 13, 1, 11, 23, 27 and 16, while the all-important Powerball was 11.