Jail for ‘bum crack bandit’ who robbed Coomera Lodge Hotel

The woman who robbed a local hotel and became known as the ‘bum crack bandit’ has been sentenced to six years jail.

Eboni Pydde, 21, learned her fate in Brisbane’s Supreme Court yesterday for robbing the Coomera Lodge Hotel in December 2011.

Despite concealing her face behind a hoodie and sunglasses, Pydde’s pants rode low and exposed not only part of her ‘bum crack’ but also a distinctive tattoo – captured on CCTV and later used as evidence against her.


The Brisbane Times reports, Pydde’s sentencing hearing heard she was armed with a handgun when she and an associate broke into the hotel late one night and stole cash and alcohol.

The pair and some others then met a drug dealer to buy amphetamines.

After the transaction Pydde, high on drugs and alcohol, leaned from the back of the car she was in and shot the dealer twice as he was leaving on his motorbike, hitting him in the arm and hand.

Pydde was later arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to break and enter and acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm after police downgraded an attempted murder charge.

She will be eligible for parole after serving 20 months, which means Pydde could be out by December this year after already serving 14 months behind bars.