Janette Harman wins 1029 Hot Tomato Gold Coast Nursing Award for April 2018

A passionate Gold Coast University Hospital nurse has taken out the 1029 Hot Tomato Gold Coast Nursing Award for April 2018.

Janette Harman has been a nurse since 2004, and told myGC she loved every aspect of the job.

“I just love everything about it. I love helping people when they are at their most vulnerable and frightened, and I love seeing most of them go home to carry on their lives. I also love my colleagues – I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” she said.


Janette told myGC she wanted to be a nurse from the age of 6, after spending a lot of time in hospital.

“I nearly died when I was 6 after my appendix burst, so I had to spend a lot of time away from my family in hospital while I recovered,” she said.

“I was absolutely petrified, but there was one nurse who would spend a great amount of time comforting me and helping me through it. I don’t remember her name but I knew I wanted to grow up and be just like her.”

Janette Harman

Janette Harman (right) with a patient. PHOTO: Supplied by Janette Harman

Along with a certificate, Janette wins $250 and is now a finalist in the Annual Awards where she could be awarded the annual winner’s cash prize of $5,000.

“Seriously, I am so speechless – I can’t believe it. I want to dedicate this award to the nurse who inspired me as a child.”

If you know a nurse or midwife who has made a difference in the life of you or your family and deserves to be recognised, you can nominate them for the award at mygc.com.au/gold-coast-nursing-awards/