Jarryd Hayne faces biggest criticism yet from award-winning columnist

Jarryd Hayne’s NFL career has been slammed by award-winning Sports Illustrated columnist Peter King saying the experiment was “fun while it lasted.”

ALEX HEINKE reports.

Hayne fumbled a punt return after being tackled from behind in the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday, the second time he’d lost possession in the first six weeks of the season after he dropped his first punt in the opening week against the Minnesota Vikings.


Writing in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, King was ruthless about Hayne’s errors.

“Well, the Jarryd Hayne story was fun while it lasted”, he wrote.

“For the second time in the first six weeks of the season, Hayne fumbled a punt, and the 49ers are not good enough to hand away potential possessions once every three games because they like the former Australian Rugby League player’s potential.”

King was also critical of Hayne failing to read a blitz pick-up defence when at running back, resulting in quarterback Colin Kapernick being sacked.

His team, the San Francisco 49ers have also showed no faith in Hayne as a running back by recruiting a free agent to fill the spot left by several injuries.