Jesinta Campbell could pay for boyfriend Buddy’s bingle

GOLD Coast model, Jesinta Campbell, may have damaged her relationship with car maker Jeep, by letting her boyfriend get behind the wheel.

Sydney AFL star Lance “Buddy” Franklin lost control of the $77,000 Grand Cherokee, given to Campbell as part of her role as a Jeep brand ambassador, hitting four parked cars.

The Daily Telegraph reports, the crash in Sydney’s Rose Bay could jeopardise the former Miss Universe Australia’s endorsement deal.


A spokeswoman for Fiat-Chrysler Group Australia said a crash involving one of their flagship vehicles was not a good look.

She said they would be waiting for the full details from police and “will have ongoing discussions with Jesinta and her management about our relationship”.

“I don’t think road accidents are great publicity. We like to promote safe and enjoyable driving and we are just relieved no one was seriously injured.”

Franklin’s been unable to explain how the accident happened, but has denied he was using his mobile phone and also passed a breath test.

He said the Jeep contract was the last thing on his girlfriend’s mind when they spoke: “It was more about me and how I felt from the accident.”

Franklin was issued with a negligent driving ticket which carries a $405 fine and three demerit points.