Jessica Rowe reveals she was assaulted by a former news director at work

Jessica Rowe has revealed she was assaulted by a former news director while at work in her new memoir, Is This My Beautiful Life?

The 45-year-old, who just weeks ago accused Eddie McGuire of making her life hell, said the incident happened in an office corridor when the unnamed news director returned from a boozy lunch.

In an exerpt from the book, Jessica says: ‘He pressed his body against me but I managed to get away into one of the editing suites, where I rang one of the senior executives in tears.’


‘He counselled me and suggested that it wasn’t a big deal; I got the distinct impression I should keep my mouth shut if I wanted to stay working in that newsroom.’

‘I knew that working in the media could be tough and it wasn’t a career for the faint-hearted. I also understood how brutal it could be for women.’

Jessica does not mention in the book which newsroom the incident took place – She has worked for Nine, Prime and Ten.