Jessica’s sweet creation beats dessert-king Reynold’s on MasterChef

She is known as the savoury-queen on MasterChef, but Jessica’s dessert toppled the other contestants on the cooking show last night.

Even dessert-king Reynold couldn’t deliver a treat as sweet as Jessica’s blue cheese cream, roasted fig and burnt butter crumb creation.

The wannabe chef’s creation used a tangy Gorgonzola base which she served on a sweet honey cracker.


She then added a drizzle of dark caramel and sherry sauce and a homemade icecream.

However, Jess was reduced to tears, after her learning her icecream was a tad more icy than creamy and failing to plate up a presentable dish.

When presenting her dish to the judges, she said: ‘I’m embarrassed to put [it in front of you] the way that looks’.

However, despite being the least impressive looking of the four dishes, Jessica’s dessert was loved by all the judges.

Geroge said: ‘We’ve forgotten about the presentation and you can when you’re eating something as yummy as that!’

Gary said: ‘That is soooo good!’ while Matt added: ‘It’s everything you want’.

After being named the top dish of the night, Jess will be rewarded with secret massive advantage that could give her an edge to take out the $250,000 prize.