Jetstar customers least satisfied in the world

Jetstar has come stone cold last after customers were asked how satisfied they were with their flying experience.

The Choice survey found one in four flights with the budget carrier are delayed and one in ten passengers had their luggage go missing.

Emirates was voted best in the world.


Customers rated airlines on things like punctuality, checking in, boarding, treatment by staff, comfort on-board, meals, safety and value for money.

Choice spokesman Tom Godfrey said Jetstar’s international rock-bottom rating should be “a real wake up call for the airline”.

“Jetstar failed to fly, they are bottom of the pack when it comes to satisfaction,’’ he said.

“Across the board we see they are failing to perform and consumers are unhappy about their excessive fees, the airlines aren’t clean and they are just not running on time.

“Consumers are unhappy, the airlines are not treating them the way they should and there is clear breaches of Australian consumer law — it’s an area we think the regulator needs to look at.”

Mr Godfrey said excessive booking surcharges which were finally dumped last year and pre-tick optional areas that “trick consumers” into buying things they don’t need were too significant bugbears among passengers.

Jetstar is poking holes in the survey for leaving out their main competitor Tiger because they didn’t get enough responses.

A spokesperson said “Choice seems to enjoy criticising airlines without understanding the safety standards we operate to or recognising the role of low cost carriers in making travel more affordable for millions of Australians”.

“We know how important it is to get customers to their destination on time, and we recognise there is room for improvement and our team is doing a lot of work behind the scenes.

“Weather is often the source of delays, particularly in the more tropical destinations we operate to, and we’ll always put safety before schedule.

Here’s a summary of how the carriers fared:

1. Emirates 8.29

2. Avianca 8.17

3. Qatar Airways 8.15

4. Luxair 8.1

5. Singapore Airlines 8.1

6. Azul Brazilian 8.08

7. Thai Airways International 8.02

8. Cathay Pacific 7.94

9. TAROM 7.79

10. Vietnam Airlines 7.79

36. Qantas 7.24

51. Virgin Australia 7.05

73. Jetstar 6.01

Source: Choice