Jetstar pilot slams Qantas CEO salary – and he’s not alone

This morning, I spent 2.5 hours dealing with Qantas’s call centre.

The first 90 minutes was spent on hold, waiting to be connected. For the next 55 minutes, I worked with a reservation agent to change a flight.

That’s right: 2.5 hours simply to change a flight.


I had a similarly disappointing experience with the airline’s customer service team a few weeks ago, when returning from Sydney a week after having surgery. They cancelled my flight unexpectedly and automatically moved me from a business class Qantas seat – which I’d booked and paid for as I needed a comfortable flight home – to a Jetstar flight.

I immediately called them, and again, I waited on hold two hours. My flight was due to leave in 6 hours and to say I was stressed is an understatement! I eventually got moved to another flight the following evening, in the business seat I had booked and paid for, but there was no compensation for the extra night in a hotel.

It’s not the fact that they cancelled the flight that bugs me – they’re an airline, it happens.

It’s the over-riding lack of service that Qantas offers at the moment that really gets my goat. These are just two examples, but I can think of four other occasions where Qantas service left me frustrated in the last 12 months.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has been in the news recently over his eye-watering $24m annual paycheque. I can understand the outrage: he may have turned the airline around (anyone remember when Qantas was failing a few years back?) but he’s done so at the expense of their core service offering.

A Jetstar pilot says the massive salary pocketed by chief executive makes his “blood boil”, as the company’s pilots are fighting for a wage increase.

The pilot, who spoke to the media anonymously due to contractual reasons, said pilots earn around $80-$220,000 annually, and had recently fought for a 3% wage increase – which actually translated to a wage reduction.

“The Dreamliner (787) is 4% quicker than the Airbus it replaced, it’s a very fast aircraft. We got a 3 per cent pay rise on an aircraft that flies 4 per cent quicker and we get paid by the flight hour, so it was actually a pay cut,” the captain said.

Qantas are Australia’s premium airline. They charge higher fares based on the fact that they offer a higher level of service and inclusions.

But that service seems limited to the actual flight, because their customer service is seriously lacking before and after you fly.

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IMOP Qantas is NOT Australia’s Premium Airline at all. Their service standard is no higher than Virgin and the only thing that Qantas offer that Virgin doesn’t is First Class on the A380 and the first Class is way down by worlds standards.In fact many Airlines business Class is better than Qantas First Class .Qantas is a very over rated Airline and just because it’s big and Australian does NOT in anyway make it Premium in my eyes even though the article does quantify an Australian Airline.
Have flown many times with both and Virgin is way better in Business.