Jetstar workers to strike around the country again tomorrow

Jetstar has announced that ground staff and baggage handlers will be walking off the job again tomorrow.

Staff have voted to take strike action again tomorrow morning, after ‘the company rejected modest claims’.

Workers are calling for the airline to improve ‘poverty’ wages – linked to forced part-time hours and the lowest rates in the Qantas group.


They’re hoping for more rest breaks, a guaranteed 12 hour break between shifts, commitment to engaging Jetstar employees rather than untrained casual staff, guaranteed 30 hours a week, an annual wage increase of four percent, recognition of workers having to take on more responsibilities and better consultation with workers.

Earlier, Transport Workers Union Secretary Michael Kaine called on the airline to at least discuss options with workers.

“We are appealing again today, Jetstar needs to come to the table.

“This is a ridiculous state of affairs.

“It’s Jetstar that are putting the Australian public out here, not the workers.

“The workers are asking for modest claims and modest increases to return safely to their families,” Mr Kaine told reporters earlier this afternoon.

There are also concerns around the safety of workers after Safe Work NSW issued a notice to Jetstar saying workers were at risk of “serious injury” including being “crush and ingested” around operational aircraft.

Strike times for tomorrow morning are listed below.


Strike 10:00am-12pm.


Strike 9:30am-11.30am.


Strike 6:00am-8am.


Strike 5:30am-7.30am.


Strike 6:00am-8am.


Strike 8:00am-10am.