Jewel workers off the job as uncertainty continues

Construction workers assigned to the Jewel building site on the Gold Coast have walked off the job, with some told they won’t be needed next week.

Workers told MyGC that some are striking, as other employees were told their last day on site would be next Wednesday.

The industrial action comes after the developers Yuhu re-opened part of the development to tender.


One worker said Multiplex left themselves open to this kind of upheaval.

“Multiplex got into a bad contract where the developer was allowed to change the scope of the project,” he told MyGC.

“Now all the guys who thought they would be getting work until the end of the project might not be getting it.

“They probably shouldn’t have assumed that… I don’t know what their bosses told them.”

Yuhu released a statement yesterday, saying Multiplex will remain as the major project partner but they are looking at other options for part of the development.

The company will re-tender the contract to design and build the lower levels of the building.

“The final design and configuration elements of the lower podium levels of the hotel – excluding the 169 hotel rooms – are yet to be finalized,” the statement read.

“As a result, this work will be carried out later in the construction schedule and will be subject to new tendering opportunities.”

The company has also dismissed claims the change would result in hundreds of job losses.

Yuhu added, the project is still on track to be complete by mid-2019.

Comment has been sought from Multiplex and the CFMEU.