‘Job Maker’ scheme passes parliament, without opposition’s amendments

The federal government’s $4 billion ‘Job Maker’ scheme has passed parliament late last night, which is hoped to provide a boost for businesses to hire workers.

Businesses will receive a subsidy of up to $200 a week, if they hire a new worker under the age of 35.

Labor voted against the new legislation, arguing that it could see old employees let go so that businesses can hire younger staff to get the benefits.


The opposition had suggested amendments which would have disqualified companies from the subsidy if they were found to have sacked an older worker.

Two votes from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party got the scheme over the line without the suggested amendments.

Labor Senator Murray Watt says Pauline Hanson effectively ‘sold out’ older workers.

“Older workers are concerned about their jobs and their job security right now, and Senator Hanson is prepared to trade them off, as yet another deal with the LNP,” Senator Watt told parliament.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is confident there’s no such loophole.

“You cannot reduce your current workforce, hours can’t be reduced Mr Speaker, people can’t be let off and rehired under these arrangements Mr Speaker.

“It’s important to have these protections in place,” Mr Morrison said.