Job vacancy … Duds need not reapply

IF I was a LNP politician, I would be creeping up on my colleagues in State Parliament and yelling at them: “Hey, Bruce wants to see ya!”

Then I would run away sniggering like a 14-year-old driving past Exit 69 on the Pacific Motorway.

That is because LNP boss Bruce McIver and some faceless men in the LNP head office have decided all 74 of the LNP MPs swept into power at the 2012 landslide election have to officially reapply for their positions.


So there are a lot of nervous pollies around at the moment.

While not exactly admitting there are some duds sitting in Parliament … actually, they pretty much are admitting that.

They are calling it renewal which is a bit harsh considering most of them have only been in for less than two years.

But the clean out, like a good colonic irrigation, will enable some of the troublemakers to be jettisoned while providing new opportunities for ambitious young LNP hopefuls.

Or even an ambitious, not so young LNP hopeful – not mentioning any names – who may be in trouble in his own seat of ASHGROVE.

Who knows what the criteria are for judging who will be allowed to stay and who will be given the ‘it’s time to go …’ speech?

Some judge MPs on how many times they pop up in Parliament to make a speech.


Some may think the number of community functions they attend or the hours they spend in their electorate office is what is important.

It’s more than that.

It is how willing they are to stand up for their electorate even against their own party – not a quality likely to be on top of the LNP’s re-application forms.

Unfortunately, there is not too many in the LNP or Labor who will do that at the best of times.

They have seen what has happened to others who have spoken out – they end up independents or a member of a minor party.

I notice in the reports about the LNP’s re-applications there was nothing said about going to the people and asking for their opinion on their local MPs.

Oh wait, that would be an election.



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