Joe Hockey bids farewell after almost 20 years in Parliament

UPDATE: AFTER almost twenty years in Federal Parliament, Joe Hockey has bid farewell by delivering his valedictory speech in the house of representatives.

Hockey received a standing ovation for his speech where he used the opportunity to tell colleagues he believed he made a contribution to the future of the country.

The former treasurer criticised the changes in government on both sides of politics since the Howard leadership.


“We cannot make it normal to have four prime ministers and four treasurers in just four years,” Mr Hockey said.

During the speech, Hockey paid tribute to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, describing him as one of the “most selfless, hardworking and honourable people I have ever met”.

“I say directly to the Australian people that the real Tony Abbott is more of a good and decent man than you may know,” he said.

Ending his speech, Hockey left with a bit of advice for both his children and the house.

“It is far better to dream mighty things, to eek glorious triumphs, even though chequered by failure, than to be among those poor souls who neither suffer much, nor enjoy much because they live in the great twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat,” he said.

EARLIER: AFTER almost twenty years in Federal Parliament, today Joe Hockey will bid farewell by delivering his final speech in the House of Representatives.

The former treasurer told the Coalition party room yesterday that his resignation would be tendered this week following a valedictory speech scheduled to take place at 11am Wednesday.

Mr Hockey said he was proud of his record but there were more reasons for him to go than to stay.

Hockey, who first entered parliament in 1996, hinted that he would quit politics soon after Tony Abbott had been replaced by Malcolm Turnbull as Australia’s prime minister in September.

His resignation means a by-election will take place in his Liberal seat in North Sydney.