Journalists facing prosecution for breaching security laws to be better protected

The Federal Government is promising to better protect journalists facing potential criminal charges.

It comes as three Australian journalists from Newscorp and the ABC currently face charges over the publication of national security stories.

The Federal Government says it will put extra safeguards in place for those facing prosecution for breaching secrecy laws.


Police will now have to seek permission from the Attorney General, Christian Porter, before pressing charges.

In a statement made yesterday, the Attorney General maintains the Government is seriously disinclined to prosecute reporters.

“This will allow the most detailed and cautious consideration of how an allegation of a serious offence should be balanced with our commitment to freedom of the press.

“I have previously said that I would be seriously disinclined to approve prosecutions of journalist except in the most exceptional circumstances and would pay particular attention to whether a journalist was simply operating according to the generally accepted principles of public interest journalism,” the statement read.