Joyce vs Joyce? Australia First Party approaches Barnaby’s estranged wife

In Natalie Joyce’s own words, she “placed (her) own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life”, so it may come as little surprise that she’s been approached to launch a political career of her own.

According to reports, the estranged wife of Barnaby Joyce has been contacted by the far right wing Australia First Party (AFP), to do what they believe would help her “move on” from a “period of stress”.

The AFP wants Ms Joyce to run against her husband in the New South Wales seat of New England in the next federal election.


“Our Australia First Committee extends our full support to you in what unfortunately must be a period of stress to your person,” AFP assistant organiser Bob Beavers wrote to Ms Joyce.

“Overcoming any feelings of betrayal is very personal but in time positive action to move on with life is considered an essential component of managing such a situation.”

The couple split late last year, before it was revealed the then Deputy Prime Minister had had an affair with his media adviser, Vikki Campion.

He has since been forced to resign as leader of the National Party and Ms Campion no longer works in his office, but is eight-months pregnant with a boy who may or may not be fathered by Mr Joyce.

Ms Joyce is yet to comment on whether or not she is considering the offer.