Just plain reckless

I WASN’T a rebellious teen.

In fact, to say those years were ‘tame’ would be an understatement. I didn’t drink until I was 18, I never snuck out of the house and I generally caused my parents few headaches.

That said, I have an appreciation of the desire to rebel against ‘the man’, even if I didn’t do much of it myself.


Surely there’s a limit to ruck-making though – a list of things that remain immune to vandalism and dissent?

I’m thinking this could include matters of life and death. Like ambulances.

Because what kind of person vandalises an ambulance, the very vessel that is purpose-built to help people and save lives?

Dickhard partying teens do, apparently.

In Warriewood in New South Wales, an ambulance was responding to an emergency over the Easter weekend, after a young woman started having a bad reaction to drugs or alcohol.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the ambos went in to check on her, but when they returned to their ambulance, they realised the tyres had been slashed.

The paramedics were forced to call another ambulance to transport the woman to hospital.

The ‘what ifs’ in this scenario are beyond troubling.

What if the young woman had been having a heart attack, a stroke, or a severe allergic reaction?

What if her survival had depended on getting to hospital as quickly as possible?

And what about the other people who needed emergency assistance that evening, who missed out on getting help because the ambulance was out of action, too busy attending to tyre repairs?

Northern Beaches crime manager Insp Craig Wonders said the consequence “could have been diabolic, if the medical situation had worsened or had been life-threatening for the girl.”

He also said the police turned up to investigate on the night, but no-one copped to slashing the ambulance’s tyres.

Whoever it was, surely they must understand that what they did wasn’t rebellious – it was just plain reckless.

Hopefully the next time they decide to show off in front of their mates, they choose an activity that puts only themselves at risk, rather than playing with the lives of innocent people.

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