Justine Damond’s family says police are mishandling the shooting investigation

The father of slain Australian women, Justin Damond, said he’s “deeply concerned” the investigation into her death may have been mishandled.

Ms Damond was shot and killed by a US police officer in July.

Her father, John Ruszczyk, said he met with the Burea of Criminal Apprehension after Ms Damond was shot in Minneapolis and officials promised to get the truth.


However, Mr Ruszczyk believes the investigation into her death has been mishandled.

“We are deeply concerned about the possibility that the initial
investigation was not done properly and with the greatest integrity
or sense of completeness,” he said.

Mr Ruszczyk’s comments come after the US Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman apologised to the State Burea of Criminal Apprehension.

Last week, Mr Freeman said he doesn’t have enough evidence to charge the police officer who shot Ms Damond, saying investigators “haven’t done their job”.

He added he believed it was his responsibility to talk to the public, but was wrong to discuss the agency’s work.